TS Action Kit

Organizer Toolkit for 1/23 & 1/26 Keep the East Tar Sands Free – Stop the Pipeline actions

1. Talking Points

Connecticut | Massachusetts | Maine | New Hampshire | Rhode Island | New York | Vermont

2. Tar sands information

3. Posters

Click images at right to download PDF’s for printing.

4. Tar Sands Resistance Pledge

Sign it and get others to sign!


5. List of MA representatives’ positions on the tar sands pipeline


6. Visual Messaging

Bring Flags, Banners, Signs: when we say we’re building a wall of opposition, we’re serious. People should come carrying symbolic “bricks” – make signs and banners; bring flags and emblems that carry your message of solidarity and protest. The bigger, more colorful and more meaningful the better!

To give the idea, here are images of a beautiful mural wall and from some of the Idle No More marches (click to enlarge).

Here are some ideas for banners and message themes:

Keep the East Tar Sands Free

Stop the ExxonMobil Tar Sands Pipeline

Block the Tar Sands Eastern Pipeline

Pledge to Keep the East Tar Sands Free

Protect Casco Bay

Our Land, Our Water, Our Future – No Tar Sands!

Any other ways we can play off these themes are probably going to be great too.

7. Using our bodies to tell our story

  • Noisemakers and Instruments: Les casseroles works in Montreal, so for this cross border action let’s honor this tradition and make some noise in Portland. Or bring musical instruments – and LOTS and LOTS of DRUMS!
  • Dress the message: Wear the clothing and the colors of your group, region, indigenous culture, or the clothing you wear when working or playing on the land or water we’re defending. Clammers, Fisherman, Farmers, Sugarers, Skiers, Kayakers — wear and bring all your special gear to help deliver our message.
  • Chants and Music: We’re looking for all people to help us deliver a rich musical message on this day. If you have ideas for tar sands chants or know some moving songs, let us know!

8. Online and Social Media Messaging

  • Check out our Facebook event page where we’re asking people to post memes and other info that we can all use for social media outreach.
  • The twitter hashtag for the event is #tarsandsfreene

Main web site locations for the event:

  • http://350newengland.org will host the most complete listing of event information and tools.  We’ll keep his tool kit and all related images and files updated and available for download.
  • Various partners and groups will also be posting their own event content on their own sites.

9. Press Materials

A series of press releases are being prepared to go out at the right time to support the events.

  • Local solidarity event template: general info which can be customized for local events: available 1/10
  • A press release that will be sent out to alert the national press of all the regional events: available 1/15
  • A press release that will be sent out to target the event in Portland: available 1/ 24
  • A follow up press release that will be sent out Monday after the Portland event.

10. Political Messaging Materials

An elected official tool kit is being prepared to provide needed materials for targeting local congressional offices:

  • A positioning statement detailing the asks for elected officials
  • A talking points memo for preparing for personal meeting with elected officials and their staff